Mighty Mini

Big Performance In A Small Size.

Fitting in pipes as small as four inches, this transporter offers big performance with an easily adjustable cantilevered camera mount, powerful 90-watt motor and four-wheel drive.


General Features

  • For 4″-12” diameter pipe.
  • Functions on up to 2,000 feet of cable.
  • Three forward speeds, reverse and freewheel.
  • Single-conductor technology for significant cost and performance advantages over multi-conductor technology through interchangeability of components, backwards and forwards compatibility, and reduced downtime.
  • Water resistant per IP68 requirements.
  1. Full 360° continuous rotate capability and a 270° panning capability.
  2. Simple clutch mechanism for free-wheel retrieval.
  3. Easy-access pressure port for convenient leakage testing.
  1. Rugged cable connection loop for easy deployment and retrieval.
  2. Powerful 90-watt motor for reliable performance.
  3. Four-wheel drive to power through tough spots.
  1. Single-bolt mounting point for quick wheel removal and installation.
  2. Compact design fits in four-inch pipe.
  3. Manual elevator, cantilevered camera mount.

SinCon cable features a 5,400-pound breaking strength (versus 500 to 2,000 pounds for multi-conductor cable).

Available Wheels

Available Cameras

OmniStar Probe

  • 360° continuous rotate capability and a 270° panning capability for easy pipe inspection.
  • Micro-processor control featuring a Home function to return camera head to upright and straight-ahead position.
  • Compact, rugged, aluminum and stainless-steel housing.
  • Four (4) high-intensity LEDs.


  • High-resolution camera.
  • Adjustable focus (manual).
  • Four (4) high-intensity LED lights.
  • Stainless-steel body.
  • Compatible with all standard-voltage controllers (1375 & Mainline) and with the Subsite Push Camera.

Rear View Of Unit

  • Durable, 1/8-inch stainless steel aircraft cable bridle for secure unit retrieval.

Four inches of rise for extended camera view.

Compare Transporters

Lateral Launch Transtar II Transtar Protrak Storm
Pipe Sizes 4" to 12" 6" to 24" 6" to 24" 6" to 30" 6" (relined)
to 30"
24" and up
Steerable - - -
(w/o camera)
15 lbs 42.5 lbs 30 lbs 37.5 lbs 33 lbs 100 lbs
(w/o camera)
11" 32" 14" 19" 27" 36"
3/1/freewheel 3/1/freewheel 3/1/freewheel 3/1/freewheel 3/1/freewheel 3/1/freewheel
Motor/Power 90W 90W 2 x 90W 2 x 90W 150W 125W
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