TranSTAR II Pipeline Inspection Transporter

Power On.

A smaller version of our TranStar Pipeline Inspection Transporter, TranStar II is the most powerful tractor of its size in the industry.

At just 14 inches in length, the steerable TranStar II is a powerhouse in a smaller package. Equipped with dual 90-watt motors with three forward speeds, reverse and free-wheel for rapid retrieval, it offers proven performance capable of distances of 2,000 feet in a single run.

Key Features.

  1. Single conductor technology.
  2. Steerable.
  3. Freewheel clutch.
  4. Most powerful tractor of its size with dual 90 watt motors.
  5. Water resistant per ipx7 requirements.
  6. Tilt-up connector for ease of deployment.
  7. Integrated rear-view color camera.
  8. Capable of distances of 2,000 feet in a single run.
  9. Three forward speeds, reverse and freewheel.


  • Manual or┬ámotorized elevator systems.
  • Multiple tire configurations.
  • 512Hz pigtail sonde (beacon).
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