ProTRAK Transporter

Go With The Pro.

The ProTrak is designed to carry all Subsite mainline systems in line sizes from 6 to 30 inches with axle and driveline extensions.

Available in a single-conductor configuration, this crawler has three forward speeds, one reverse, a stop function and a freewheel mode for easy retrieval. At full power, the ProTrak delivers travel speeds up to 55 feet per minute. Specially designed, contoured pads, attached with dual stainless-steel rivets on a stainless steel chain, provide a large contact surface for maximum traction.

Key Features.

ProTRAK Transporter
  1. Fits 6-inch (re-lined) to 30-inch pipes.
  2. High-efficiency planetary gear train.
  3. Precision rare-earth servo motor.
  4. Power to easily pull 2,000 feet of single-conductor cable.
  5. Ultra heavy-duty treads use #40 chain for durability and strength and still fits in 6-inch pipeline.
  6. Internal clutch release system for high-speed retrieval.
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