The Most Powerful Tractor Of Its Size In The Industry.

This steerable transporter features six wheels for sure footing during inspections. The all-gear-driven tractor is powered by two 90-watt motors, allowing it to inspect larger lines. The clutch allows rapid freewheel retrieval once the inspection is complete so you can wrap up quickly and get on to your next task.


General Features

  • For 6″-30″ diameter pipe
  • Functions on up to 2,000 feet of cable.
  • Three forward speeds, reverse and freewheel.
  • Full steering allows unit to rotate on its own axis,making it extremely maneuverable.
  • Motorized elevator systems.
  • Single-conductor technology for significant cost and performance advantages over multi-conductor technology through interchangeability of components, backwards and forwards compatibility, and reduced downtime.
  • Water resistant per IP68 requirements.
  1. Pan and rotate axis are clutched to protect against impact damage to gear train and motors.
  2. Single-bolt mounting point for quick wheel removal and installation.
  3. Lifting hooks for easy deployment and retrieval.
  1. Easy-access pressure ports for convenient leakage testing.
  2. Stainless-steel skids protect from pipe joints which could snag or flip unit.
  3. Dual 90-watt motors deliver more power than any other tractor of its size.
  1. Integrated rollers to assist tractor over offsets during retrieval.
  2. Tilt-up connector reduces wear and tear on pigtail connection.
  3. Durable, 1/8-inch stainless-steel aircraft cable bridle for secure unit retreival.

SinCon cable features a 5,400-pound breaking strength (versus 500 to 2,000 pounds for multi-conductor cable).


  • Axle extensions for large-pipe inspection.
  • Multiple wheel sets for optimum combination of height and traction in any pipe.
  • 512Hz pigtail beacon (sonde).


Available Wheels


Available Camera

  • High-resolution video (2.38 megapixel) with a total zoom of 120:1 (10X optical and 12X digital).
  • Integrated pan/tilt head with 270° of pan and 340° of rotation for full 360° inspection capabilities.
  • Programmable pan and rotate limits with on-screen instructions.
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire window cover for durability.
  • Adjustable, ultra-bright LED dual light array (1,300 total lumens) with remote-controlled settings allows inspection of pipes up to 48″ without additional lights.
  • Internal pressure and humidity sensors and internal clock with startup counter.
  • Home function to return camera head to straight-ahead position.
  • Optional inclinometer and integrated lasers for crack measurement.

Rear View Of Unit

  • Integrated rear-view color camera with LEDs.
  • Easy-access pressure ports for convenient leakage testing.
Four inches of rise for extended camera view.


Compare Transporters

Lateral Launch Transtar II Transtar Protrak Storm
Pipe Sizes 4" to 12" 6" to 24" 6" to 24" 6" to 30" 6" (relined)
to 30"
24" and up
Steerable - - -
(w/o camera)
15 lbs 42.5 lbs 30 lbs 37.5 lbs 33 lbs 100 lbs
(w/o camera)
11" 32" 14" 19" 27" 36"
3/1/freewheel 3/1/freewheel 3/1/freewheel 3/1/freewheel 3/1/freewheel 3/1/freewheel
Motor/Power 90W 90W 2 x 90W 2 x 90W 150W 125W
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