The CUBE Portable Mainline System

Pack It In.

The CUBE includes nearly everything our vans, high cubes, and other mobile systems offer in a portable, self-contained CCTV inspection workstation.

Load it on a trailer or set it in a truck bed or on the back of an ATV. The CUBE ideal for accessing tight spaces and easements with our complete line of durable inspection technologies.

Housed in quarter-inch, powder-coated, glare-resistant aluminum, The CUBE has forklift access both front and rear along with four 2000-pound rated lift/tie down hooks. The system is highly water resistant from the door and panel design all the way to the sealed rivets. 

Key Features.

  1. Can be configured to operate a mainline system with up to 1,500 feet of cable.
  2. Rack mount or laptop data collection system.
  3. Fully self-contained with on-board generator.
  4. Two 500-pound capacity storage drawers and front access 9-gallon pressurized wash-down system.
  5. Fits on an ATV or in the bed of a pickup truck.
  6. MPEG video recording capability.
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