Private Eye II

The Perfect Solution For Easements, Off-Road Manholes And Other Difficult To Reach Locations.

The Private Eye II portable mainline inspection system offers outstanding performance along with incredible portability. Enclosed in a Pelican® waterproof and crush-proof case, the system gives you extreme portability without sacrificing field durability. It is also well suited for smaller municipalities or contractors needing the power and capabilities of a full mainline inspection system in a highly affordable, all-inclusive mobile package.


General Features

  • For 4″-24″+ diameter pipe.
  • Plug-and-play” compatibility with any Subsite Electronics camera/transporter combination.
  • Features both electronic and mechanical footage counters (accurate up to .5%.)
  • Single-conductor technology for significant cost and performance advantages over multi-conductor technology through interchangeability of components, backwards and forwards compatibility, and reduced downtime.



  • Extra-wide, 1,500-foot capacity reel.


SinCon cable features a 5,400-pound breaking strength (versus 500 to 2,000 pounds for multi-conductor cable).

The entire 1375 Controller unit and protective case is easily removed for greater mobility and flexibility.


  1. Rugged pneumatic tires aid maneuverability.
  2. Standard reel holds your choice of 500 or 1,000 feet of SinCon cable.
  3. Cable-reel speed control and drag-break adjustment for easy deployment and retrieval.
  4. Integrated keyboard tray for ease of use.
  5. On-screen text and footage display.
  6. Adjustable sunshade improves visibility in bright conditions.
  7. TFT LCD flat-screen monitor.
  8. MPEG video recording capability.
  9. Billet aluminum-plate construction—6061 aircraft-rated and anodized—for extreme durability and corrosion resistance.
  10. Automatic level winding system for smooth, hands-free cable spooling.
  11. ½ hp, heavy-duty motor powers reel with ease.
Private Eye II

Available Transporters/Cameras

Transporter: Mighty Mini
Cameras: OmniStar Probe, 1306

Transporter: TranStar
Camera: TrakStar

Transporter: TranStar II
Camera: TrakStar II

Transporter: ProTrak
Cameras: TrakStar, TrakStar II

Transporter: Steerable Storm Drain
Cameras: TrakStar, TrakStar II

Compare Transporters

Lateral Launch Transtar II Transtar Protrak Storm
Pipe Sizes 4" to 12" 6" to 24" 6" to 24" 6" to 30" 6" (relined)
to 30"
24" and up
Steerable - - -
(w/o camera)
15 lbs 42.5 lbs 30 lbs 37.5 lbs 33 lbs 100 lbs
(w/o camera)
11" 32" 14" 19" 27" 36"
3/1/freewheel 3/1/freewheel 3/1/freewheel 3/1/freewheel 3/1/freewheel 3/1/freewheel
Motor/Power 90W 90W 2 x 90W 2 x 90W 150W 125W
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