TMS Plus

Plan For Profits.

Planning a bore in advance saves time, money, and reduces complications.

With Subsite® Electronics TMS Plus, a Windows®-based management tool, you can plan the bore, monitor its real-time progress, and print out a completed survey or As-Built map when you’re done. TMS Plus lets you manage your jobs more efficiently, so you can be more productive on every jobsite and more profitable throughout the year.

An important part of the Green Ops process.

TMS Plus

Key Features.

TMS Plus
  1. Intuitive menus and online user guide make the software easy to use.
  2. With TMS Plus, you can create multiple bore plans for the same job based on different units or paths.
  3. Works with Subsite Electronics electronic guidance equipment to create a record of the installed bore path.
  4. Records the drill head position each time a new drill pipe is placed in the ground and the position of the actual product during backreaming.
  5. Provides quick-reference information on bend radius for more efficient use of drill pipe and installed product.
  6. Compiles information such as pipe number, depth estimate, drill head roll angle, pitch, directional beacon temperature and battery level, date and time.
  7. Supports five languages—English, German, French, Spanish and Italian—and adapts to different international settings.
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