Push Camera

Made Stronger So You Can Inspect Further—Up To 500 Feet.

When a transporter isn’t an option because of pipe size or limited access, the Subsite Push Camera fits the job. Ideal for pipes from 1.5 to 12 inches, the Push Camera features Single Conductor Technology with a rigid 1/4-inch fiber push rod covered with a durable Hytrel® jacketing that allows you to inspect up to 500 feet down the line—much further than multi-conductor cables.


General Features

  • For 1.5″-12″ diameter pipe.
  • DVR recording device to save footage to thumb drive or SD card.
  • Low-voltage system.
  • Flexible, low-drag design to push through up to 90° bends, depending upon pipe size.
  • Protective Hytrel push-rod covering combines the flexibility of rubber with the strength of thermoplastics.
  • 1/4-inch fiberglass strength member (larger and stronger than competition) enables camera to be pushed further distances.
  • Fully compatible with the software in your Subsite Electronics truck-mounted system.


  • Sun-readable, TFT LCD flat-screen monitor.
  • Adjustable sunshade improves visibility in bright conditions.
  • Internal push-to-talk microphone for video logging.
  • 1575 controller, monitor, camera power supply and recording device housed in Pelican® waterproof and crush-proof case.
Push Camera
  • Wide-stance base provides stable footing for cable deployment and retrieval.
  • Durable steel push-reel assembly, powder coated for corrosion protection.
  • Fiberglass push rod is not only wrapped in a thermoplastic elastomer resin for less drag, it is also field-repairable for increased uptime.
  • Replaceable 512 Hz locating beacon (sonde), powered by the system (no batteries required).
  • Drag brake controls spool spin rate.
  • Integrated digital footage counter for capturing distances of observations in the pipe and overlaying on the video.
  • Integrated storage cleat keeps camera power/video cable and footage cable organized.


  • Text-writer overlay to add notes to footage.
  • 12-volt DC power.
  • Retermination Kit for fiberglass repairs.


Push Camera

  • High-resolution, 1545 fixed-focus camera with auto-iris and auto-uprighting picture.
  • Protective skid sleeve helps keep the camera centered in the pipe and debris from building up in front of the camera window.
  • Eight high-intensity LEDs—four wide and four focused—for uniform light distribution.

Available Roller Skids

  • Small Roller Skid
  • 3″-6″ pipe
  • Large  Roller Skid
  • 6″-12″ pipe
  • (Optional accessory light kit available)
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