TK ReconTM

Work Smarter.

The Subsite® TK RECON Series HDD Guidance System features proven TK performance with dual locating methods (walkover and Drill-To™), making it easy for experienced and novice operators alike.

The TK RECON even lets you map your bore using GPS. With a depth range of up to 110 feet (33.5 m) and features including improved radio performance with increased interference immunity and faster information transfer, you can be more productive and efficient on every jobsite.

An important part of the Green Ops process.

TK Recon<sup>TM</sup>

Key Features.

TK Recon<sup>TM</sup>
  1. Two locating methods let you use your preferred method of locating, while using the second method to verify your results.
    • Walkover enables the operator to pinpoint drill head location with peak and null techniques.
    • Time-saving Drill-To mode enables the drill operator to make real-time corrections to improve bore accuracy. Use Drill-To with our optional Swivel Stand to keep your tracker level on any surface.
  2. Robust radio—with a new, intuitive on/off process—offers increased interference immunity and faster information transfer for more efficiency on the jobsite.
  3. New Noise-Floor Analyzer allows you to analyze the noise floor in both Up and Down mode at once for easier planning ahead of your job, saving you time and money.
  4. Bore-path analyzer software shows which frequency works best for your particular job and conditions streamlining your pre-bore process.
  5. Choose Li Ion, NiMH, or off-the-shelf “C” Alkaline batteries for flexibility of cost and better performance in colder climates.
    • Li Ion batteries are rechargeable and deliver twice the battery life of Alkaline, and are the preferred method for powering your equipment.
    • “C” battery capability offers a convenient “safety net” should you forget to recharge batteries or lose charge on the jobsite.
  6. Walkover tracking up to 110 feet with standard-size beacons (15” and 17”). The long 2,000-foot range between the tracker and drill operator helps keep you more productive.
  7. Communicate with the tracker, update tracker and display software, and download bore information into TSR Mobile through Windows® or your Android® or iOS (iPhone®/iPad®) mobile devices.
  8. Work more efficiently with wireless disconnect and an improved connection.
  9. Deter theft with the new Subsite Secure lock feature.
  10. Integrated Compass allows users to determine the magnetic heading of the tracker and the tool head (beacon) for faster orientation.
  11. Louder speaker is clear even in high ambient noise areas, providing an additional peak locating method—by number or sound.
  12. New 811 logo splash screen reminds crews to call before they dig.
  13. Optional Repeater extends the telemetry range of your TK RECON and overcomes line-of-sight issues.
  14. Three cases available, including a new, lightweight EVA case.
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