The Damage Prevention Duo: How Locators and Vacuum Excavators Work Together to Mitigate Jobsite Damage

On today’s underground construction jobsite, a strike or cross bore can be extremely costly and potentially dangerous. To further complicate matters, the industry continues to evolve and underground environments are becoming increasingly more complex and congested. With all these complications, keeping crews safe has become a team effort with multiple parties playing key roles. There are two factors that play a key role in damage mitigation – utility locate professionals and vacuum excavation operators.

Properly locating and marking underground utilities on a jobsite is the most common and efficient way for contractors to prevent damage; exposing underground utilities with a vacuum excavator is the most surefire way to prevent a utility strike or cross bore. Both methods have a place in the damage mitigation process and by utilizing both processes correctly, underground construction crews can ensure they are successfully navigating around the many utilities that may be scattered throughout the jobsite, resulting in a successful and safe operation

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