Three Considerations for Locating in High Interference Areas

Identifying underground utilities through locating should be the first step on any underground construction project. Typically handled by a locate technician, utility locates are very important to the prevention of utility strikes, equipment damage and jobsite delays.

However, as the underground construction industry continues to grow and underground environments become increasingly more congested, locating technicians are experiencing an influx of pain points. Many are stretched thin with high ticket demands, short turnaround times and a shortage of workers. These difficulties mean that locate technicians are often forced to quickly move from jobsite to jobsite – and if one ticket is more challenging, the technician may not have the time to adequately troubleshoot, verify that their locate is correct and still complete their allotted tickets for the day.

While an individual locate technician may not be able to solve the challenge of high-ticket demand and the labor shortage, understanding the top locating jobsite challenges, and how to solve them, will help locate technicians stay on schedule.

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