Locate Success.

Identifying and tracing gas and water utility lines can be tricky business. A simple way to improve your frequency of success is the Subsite® Electronics 830R/T utility locating system.

Made to withstand the demands of rugged jobsites, the exceptionally easy-to-use 830R/T offers outstanding performance at a very high active frequency. Reduced training time. Adaptive filtering. Clearer signals over longer distances. Long battery life. In short, the 830R/T has everything you’re looking for in a contractor-grade locating system.


Key Features.

  1. Simple operation—just turn it on and go. Reduced training time means even novice operators can be highly productive.
  2. Low cost of ownership, thanks to the 830R/T’s extremely durable design and IP65 environmental rating, allows the 830R/T to stand up to the rigors of the jobsite and the elements.
  3. PV (Peak Verify) mode gives the operator an additional way to verify the locate.
  4. The advanced, high-frequency 830R/T traces poor conductors and provides clearer signals for longer distances than other high-frequency units—and even some low-frequency units.
  5. Adaptive filtering—an exclusive feature on the 830R/T—makes it highly responsive in all modes of operation; provides left-to-right guidance very quickly, regardless of mode or operator style.
  6. In addition to utility location, the versatile 830R/T is an ideal locating system for landscape, water, and oil and gas applications.
  7. Long battery life (75 hours for the receiver, 150 hours for the transmitter) means less downtime and more productivity.
  8. Automatic visual and audio feedback makes locating quicker and gives the operator more confidence in verifying the locate.
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