Quick Peek

The Ideal Solution For Drainline Condition Assessment.

The Subsite Quick Peek portable drainline system is a compact, lightweight, all-in-one solution for drainline inspections. Easy to transport and maneuver, the Quick Peek gives you the capability to inspect 2- to 10-inch diameter lines up to 300 feet in length.


General Features

  • For 2″-10″ diameter pipe.
  • Easily accessible monitor controls include power mode, aspect ratio (screen size) and menu, plus set buttons for color, brightness, contrast, tint and volume.
  • AC/DC power source houses controls for all camera functions and provides a camera test terminal, AC/DC input, video/audio output, keyboard input and a condenser microphone with on/off switch.
Quick Peek
  • High-resolution, low-lux color camera.
  • Fully locatable with 512Hz in-line transmitter.
  • 7” LCD monitor with protective sun shield.
  • Side-mounted AC/DC input.
  • Keyboard for annotation.
  • Video/audio output.



  • Self-leveling camera.
  • 512Hz receiver with depth readout (also available in Deluxe Version).
  • Battery pack (on board or external).
  • Roller skid for 6, 8 and 10-foot straight runs.
  • Laptop interface.
  • WiFi interface.
  • SD digital card recorder.
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