Investigator Pole Camera

Go Vertical.

The Subsite Electronics Investigator Camera is specially designed for inspecting vertical assets such as manholes, access shafts, conduits and similar structures.

This fully self-contained system is ultra-portable and easy to use. Powered by a 12V rechargeable battery, it offers digital recording capabilities, high-intensity lighting and more in a compact unit ideal for vertical structures four feet and larger in diameter up to a depth of 21 feet.

Key Features.

Investigator Pole Camera
  1. Fully submersible to 5 feet.
  2. Total zoom of 40:1 (10X optical and 4X digital).
  3. Dual high-intensity white LED lights.
  4. Digital video recording capacity.


  • Optional¬†Mainline System Video Interface And Data Capture¬†Capabilities.
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