Armored SinCon Cable

The Industry’s Strongest Cable.

The strongest cable in the industry, the Armored SinCon Cable is our most popular single-conductor cable. It is a .25” outside diameter double-steel-armored cable with a 5,400 pound break strength ((versus 500 to 2,000 pounds for multi-conductor cable). This cable can be easily reterminated in the field, without the need of specialized tools, soldering, or epoxy, greatly minimizing downtime.


General Features

  • The industry’s strongest CCTV cable at 5400-pound breaking strength.
  • Outside diameter is only ¼ inch.
  • Two layers of steel armor.
  • Average life of 15+ years.
  • Easy to reterminate in the field.
  • Significant cost and performance advantages over multi-conductor technology through interchangeability of components, backwards and forwards compatibility, and reduced downtime.

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